Student at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Bristol University

I am proud to be a student at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Bristol, where we develop problem solving, collaboration and agile design systems thinking skills through team challenges based on a brief. To find out more about the business skills we develop, please explore the centre’s website. Also, have a look at gallery below to see some of the innovation projects I have been getting up to recently.

Project Gallery

Innovation Santander Scholarship Pitch

Wayfinding in Bristol: Drift Exercise

Value Evaluation Word Cloud

Leading a pitch on Redesigning Recycling Symbols

Downtime in the centre: work hard, play hard!

Using Trello for task management

Troublesome field study on a Bristol Bike

Presentation planning in an Innovation Booth

Leading the clustering and synthesis process

Using Miro to organise “How Might We”s

Concept Capture and Synthesis Diagramming

Ideating together