Creative Industries Management: Selected Experience

Business, Operations and Marketing Intern at Bright Network IEUK

This internship with Bright Network in 2021 was a Digital Marketing sprint challenge which included SWOT competitor analysis and research into SEO, SEM, Display and Content Marketing channels. Detailed analysis of sector trends and case studies enabled me to create an informed pitch on a business’ expansion plan at the end of the internship.


Music Production and Marketing Intern at Richard Irwin Music

Richard Irwin Music manages Hymns Without Words, an online database of music for worship used to accompany choirs and congregations internationally. Since 2019, I have been working with Richard Irwin in two different areas of his business: music production and marketing.

On the music side, I have been responsible for copyright registering his recordings with PRS and PPL and distributing his songs to Repost through a digital aggregator. I have co-composed, conducted, edited and mixed some of these recordings myself too. We have continuously critiqued and refined our publishing process.

On the marketing side, I have curated the website content to maximise its SEO and developed a digital marketing strategy for social media channels and email to increase audience engagement, using tools such as a Later, MailChimp and Trello to streamline our workflow.

I have learned such a lot in both areas which has contributed to my own business practice too.


President of Bristol University Symphonia Orchestras

My role as President of Bristol University Symphonia in 2022 (formerly Vice President in 2021 and Orchestral Manager in 2020) involves leading the strategy and vision of a University Orchestral society as well as ensuring day-to-day orchestral management of its ensembles and care for student welfare. I have worked hard to delegate committee work, develop communication strategies within the team and represent the society through powerful branding to the University student body, including through creation of marketing content on Canva, Microsoft Office and Google Drive. This has been a great leadership and team-building experience for me and I am delighted to have fostered a fun-loving music-making community and left a legacy for the society.