Composing: Selected Experience

Portfolio Samples

For a selection of portfolio samples, please see my Spotify page, or my SoundCloud playlist.

Composing for Film, TV & Games at the National Film and Television School

In October 2022, I have been accepted to study Composing for Film, TV & Games at the National Film and Television School.

This experience will enhance my compositional skill set with specific media understanding, to enable me to take on more demanding and increasingly varied projects.

Keep On Climbing Poster

Keep On Climbing

“Keep On Climbing” (2022) is an upcoming LGBTQ+ coming of age short film by Jude Bourne of Red Hat Productions, which tells the story of Eli, an ambitious teenager who is befriended by a group of misfits in a city unknown to him.

The film will premiere at an ODEON cinema event in June, followed by film festival and public release later this year.

The trailer I also scored is coming soon.

My soundtrack uses romantic and reflective piano and strings to underscore this narrative of friendship, uncertainty and growing up.

My light orchestration matches the light-hearted tone of the film, but can still pack a punch in its emotional moments.

Stay tuned for more information ahead of the release, which can be found on the film's instagram page here.

The Reckoner Poster

The Reckoner

“The Reckoner” (2021) is a feature-length action film on Amazon Prime by Michael Olukayode of IOctane Films.

My percussive score fuses West African instrumentation with orchestral forces to create exciting, unpredictable music which follows the story of a gang of vigilantes in the Nigerian bush.

Composing a 40-minute soundtrack was a huge project and gave me amazing scope to develop contrasting musical themes and leitmotifs and to play these off against each other in dramatic moments.

Using idiomatic instruments like the Diabara Percussion Ensemble and the Bolon enabled me to create an immersive soundscape with diverse colours and rhythmic hooks. I’m delighted that my soundtrack stands proudly alongside the film and on its own two feet.

The full soundtrack album is available to stream now on Spotify, enjoy!

Dormant Spring

My short string quartet piece "Dormant Spring" was presented as part of Bristol University’s Composition Network Showcase 2021. The sparse texture and modal harmonies reflect the prevernal anguish and anticipation in the last days of winter. I'm really grateful to Molly Leigh, James Lynch, Rosie Summers and Poppy Walters for their wonderfully expressive performances. Watch now on YouTube.

"Caminandes: Llamigos" Competition Rescore

Caminandes Llamigos

“Excellent themes, and orchestration. Great spotting choices and a very precise use of different styles!”

“I loved the playful theme and orchestration. The transitions through the scenes flow flawlessly.”

Prepare to be overwhelmed by cuteness! For a new competition at the Cue Tube film network, I rescored the soundtrack to Caminandes 3: Llamigos. In this animated film, it's winter in Patagonia and food is scarce. Koro the Llama engages with Oti the pesky penguin in an epically adorable fight over that last tasty berry. Dedicated to my own llamigo, Jay Piamjariyakul, my vivid and witty soundtrack brings this charming story to life. Enjoy!


“Snowflakes” was a short composition for Alto Sax and Piano recorded so masterfully by Amy Sheldon and ManHin Dewey Kwok at the Bristol University Composition Network Concert in spring 2020. The delicate nuances and beauty, brilliantly enhanced by these professional performers conjures up imagery of a wintry wonderland. Enjoy!

Econ For You

"Econ For You" is a current affairs podcast aimed at students interested in economics. Sanjana Chanda interviews industry professionals to learn how we can develop our economy for the better. To match the professional depth of this content, my intro and outro music is in a reflective minimalist style. You can listen to the full series on either Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Future Minds Network: Futurepreneur

As the perfect cure to COVID-fog and lockdown lack of inspiration, Nathaniel Diong of Future Minds Network put together "Futurepreneur UK", a three-day summit of presentations and seminars with the UK's top young entrepreneurs and changemakers. To reflect the energy of this exciting event, I’ve wrote a buzzing theme for the brand intro and end titles which appeared on every episode of the series. Click here to view the full series, hosted on Facebook. Click here to view the full series, hosted on Facebook.

Armago: Quiz The President

Armago: The Podcast

Armago is an app that connects you with local like-minded people through sport and to promote its release, Mark Bushby, company co-founder, has been interviewing famous sports personalities. With over 5 series of celebrity guests since 2020, Mark demonstrates the importance of finding the right people at the right time in your sporting journey. To match the buzzing liveliness and interest of the dialogue, the intro and outro music I wrote for podcast series is upbeat and energetic. Hop over to Spotify to check out the full show or have listen to a recent episode below.

I also remixed the Armago theme for their Quiz the President series, which pits Bristol University’s Sports Societies against each other in a short contest of general knowledge and After Eight eating – what’s not to love?! Find the show on Armago’s Instagram here.

Trials of Reincarnation: Film Soundtrack

I composed the soundtrack and trailer music for the superhero action adventure epic ‘Trials of Reincarnation’, directed by Tyler DiNuzzo of Electra Studios. This young superhero film successfully combines heroism and comedy. Wacky jazz themes represent some of the funnier points of the storyline in the soundtrack, whilst darker themes portray the antagonist’s evil intentions for the film’s hero. The following playlist includes some selected highlights from the soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it!

Wild Swimming: An InFilm Documentary

Ever felt like taking a dip in a freezing lake or at a wintry seaside? Well, if anything can persuade you, this short documentary from InFilm Productions about Bristol University’s very own Wild Swimming Society can. I scored the soundtrack quickly over a couple of days and had a lot of fun experimenting with pizzicato strings. Directed by Alice Chancellor and produced by Aoife Daly, the film shows the wild swimming experience from beginning to end, with particular emphasis on the community that resolves around the activity. I hope you enjoy this result of the whole team's hard work.


Dorset Youth Orchestras perform "Victory"

"A huge success. . . David was thoroughly professional in his communication and quality of work." Dianne Ely, Dorset Music Service

Remembering the Great War, “Victory” is a profound orchestral work that commemorates the Armistice of 1918. In 2019, I joined Dorset Youth Orchestras on percussion to help them prepare for its performance, conducted by William Goodchild at the Bournemouth Pavilion. It was a huge success received with great enthusiasm from both the audience and young musicians and I'm incredibly grateful to the team at Dorset Music Service for this experience. Area Leader, Dianne Ely later wrote an endorsement of the work, which you can read here.

There is also a digital recording of 'Victory' on my SoundCloud samples here:


Incidental Music for the School Production of 'Othello'

In 2018, I directed the music for a local production of Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’. This was my conducting debut and my first experience composing a large amount of music in a broad range of styles (including early 20th century swing). The production was widely praised for its ‘effective and interesting’ accompanying music with an ‘aching beauty’ (The Fine Times Recorder).

The following song is Desdemona’s lament, taken from the production, sung by the stunning voice talents of Grace Macdonald (Desdemona) and Dannan White (Emilia).

Winning Composition for Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival 2016


In 2016, I participated in a Call for Scores opportunity for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s contemporary music ensemble ‘Kokoro’.

In response to ‘The Sea and Voyages’ theme, I composed a five-minute piece called ‘The Argonauts’, highlighting the key dramatic moments in the Argo’s voyage and quest to find the Golden Fleece.

I was selected as a winner and had the opportunity to workshop my composition with the ensemble before the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

I learned a lot from working with the professional musicians including principal conductor Mark Forkgen and composer-in-residence Hywel Davies to gain practical advice and expertise on my composition.